Facebook Marketing in Kenya

Facebook marketing in Kenya is the most common form of digital marketing following the high number of users Facebook has. Facebook is the leading social media platform in Kenya with 80% users, this is according to the January 2019 digital reports from Hootsuite and We Are Social. The report showed that Facebook adverts in Kenya reach 7.90 million people. This shows that carrying out Facebook marketing in Kenya can help you reach so many people at the same time.

How to grow your business on Facebook

Growing your business on Facebook can be challenging if you do not have the necessary knowledge. We will guide you on how to get your small Facebook business page noticed.

Below are some tips that will help you grow your business on Facebook.

Build a custom welcome page

The first step of accomplishing digital marketing on Facebook is to create a Facebook business page.

You need to customize your page so that it effectively represents your brand or company. You can do this by putting an attractive profile picture, a call to action button, about section, contact, engaging timeline and links to your website or blogs.

Use photos and videos

Upload photos and videos of your products.  People always want to see visuals of what they are buying, you cannot sell to people without them seeing how the product looks like. Videos can help people understand how to use certain products or to display a product.

Relevant content and consistent posting

If your Facebook page is dealing with fashion let it be just fashion. Ensure that you post consistently on your page. Digital marketing always requires you to keep your page engaged. You can do this by ensuring interactions through replying to people’s enquiries and asking them relevant questions. Facebook advertising in Kenya requires you to show people that you are available and active.

Advertise on Facebook

Facebook allows you to advertise using Facebook ads and sponsored stories. This will help you target the people that are likely to buy your product this could be according to gender, age or location. Doing this will get your page out there.

Monitor your page

facebook insight

Facebook just like Instagram allows you to see engagements on your post, your post reach, your page review among others through insights. As you monitor you are able to analyze if your page is doing well or not. It will also help you know what kind of posts are attracting more people and which ones are not. This is going to help you achieve your Facebook advertising goals

Join Facebook groups

Join Facebook pages that are relevant to your industry and participate in them. If you are in the fashion industry, join fashion groups and be active on them, the more you participate the more people recognize you and they will start looking for your page to see what you do or sell. You can also promote your content there.

Start your own Facebook group

Start your own Facebook group if you find that there is none that suits your kind of business. Add members from your Facebook friends and ask them to recommend their friends. In the group create discussions, post articles and make the page lively. People will recognize you as the leader of that group and you can be advertising your business there from time to time so that people do not feel like it is an advertising group.

Reward your followers

People always want to feel appreciated therefore; you can be giving offers to your customers, discounts on items or gifts.

Facebook advertising in Kenya is important for your business if you want to reach more people. Facebook has the highest number of users in Kenya so utilize it to advertise your products or services.

Digital Marketing Training in Kenya

Digital marketing training in Kenya is important for a person who wants to become a pro in the social media marketing industry. 43.33 million Kenyans are using the internet, therefore, every business is going online to advertise themselves. This is an opportunity to place yourself in the job industry as an expert in digital marketing. There are many digital marketing jobs in Kenya following the massive internet usage in Kenya.

Why digital media training?

There is plenty of knowledge on the internet on how to carry out social media marketing. But without someone guiding you, you will not know where to start. You always need to learn and practice before you become an expert. Social media is always changing with updates. You might decide to study online and read an article from two years ago which contains information that already changed. With digital training institutes in Kenya, you can be able to learn what is changing in the digital world. With training, you can learn how to checking for updates and much more. It is easier to learn from someone than to learn by yourself something that is new to you.

What digital marketing training entails

Digital marketing institutes, colleges and universities in Kenya offering the training will include the following digital marketing units in their courses.

  • Social media marketing training
  • Content marketing & blogging
  • Google analytics & data training
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Display & video advertising
  • Email marketing training
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

This training will help you be eligible for digital marketing jobs in Kenya, which is your key objective.

Institutes offering digital marketing training in Kenya

Ora Digital Marketing Training

Digital for Africa

Africa Digital Media Institute

Simon page

This are some of the institutes that offer digital training in Kenya, you can look up for more online and choose the one that you find fit for you.

In digital marketing, you are not limited by grades; you just need to sign up for classes from any institution that offers digital marketing training in Kenya. Marketing experts, business professionals’ or communication professionals’ can take this course.  

Social media marketing charges in Kenya

Social media marketing charges in Kenya? Most people always ask this question before thinking about the kind of social media marketing service they need. Social media marketing charges in Kenya will depend on the kind of digital marketing goal you want to achieve.

 Let us start with getting to know the top five most used social media platforms in Kenya. According to Hootsuite and We Are Social January 2019 digital report, Kenya has 43.33 million internet users (84%) out of the total population of 51.58 million. 16% are active on social media, which translates to 8.20 million active internet users in Kenya. In social media marketing platforms, Facebook leads with an impressive active number of users, which is 80%, followed by YouTube at 61%, Instagram at 48%, Twitter at 33% and linked in at 16%. This are the five most used social media platforms in Kenya that you can use for your advertising.

why social media marketing?

With the high number of internet users in Kenya, most companies have moved from traditional advertising media to digital advertising. Companies can save on their advertising expenditure due to a reduced budget in the digital area compared to other modes of advertising.

With this report from Hootsuite and We Are Social, you can identify the social media platforms that you can use for your advertising. It also shows why social media is a powerful advertising tool for your business. Therefore, with social media, you have millions of people who can buy your product or services, give you recommendation and help you create awareness of your brand.

When looking at the pricing of social media marketing in Kenya, we said that it depends on the kind of service you are looking for. This social media marketing service could be creating brand awareness, driving traffic to the website, driving sales of products, newsletter subscriptions, downloads and promotions.

Creating brand awareness

It is the first step for social media marketing. A consumer cannot purchase an item unless he or she is familiar with the product or service.

social media charges in K

Creating brand awareness means that people can remember your product when they are making a purchasing decision. It also means that people can recognize the distinguishing features of your brand when they are making a purchasing decision.

Driving traffic

This is when you want people to visit your website either to view your services, buy products or to make enquires. When people visit your website, you are able to get important information like what they looked for in your website, the page they reached before exiting, how many people landed on your website and did not proceed from there. You can learn more about how to track your website activities here

Driving sales

It applies to both existing brand and new brands. Your digital goal could be to get people to buy your products, which is what most people want. For this to happen, you need to use the right call to action to drive sales.

Newsletter subscriptions

The overall objective of the newsletters is to convert readers to customers.  A newsletter subscription will provide content that can be accessed for free or a paid subscription. Most financial and health websites offer the paid newsletter subscription.

Generating downloads

Sometimes a company wants people to download their app or information. They will need to use a call to action message that will trigger people to download.


When you want your advert or information to reach many people. In social media marketing, you can be able to target according to age, gender and location among others, therefore your advert is going to reach people.

Therefore there are no set charges  for social media marketing it all depends on the services that your brand needs

In digital marketing, you do not expect to get results within the first month, it is a process. It requires patience and at the end of the process, you will get your desired results.

We offer social media marketing services in Kenya. Being in the business for long, we can provide you with substantial knowledge that will help you succeed in digital marketing.

Metrics that a successful website needs to track

To truly know how successful your website is you need to dive into data and analytics, which are the basic metrics foundation.

So what metrics should you be checking on your website?

Number of visitors and their source

When marketing your ultimate goal is to bring traffic to your website since it is your home base. Therefore, you need to monitor your website regularly to check which campaigns are working and which ones are not. This is indicated with an increase or a decrease in traffic. When you see an increase of visitors on your website, you will want to know their source. It could be from social media platforms, referrals, direct visitors or google search. This will help you know where to focus your marketing on and where not to market.

New visitors’ vs returning visitors

This metric will help you know how valuable your website content is. If the number of returning visitors is high, it means that they found your content useful, therefore, you can continue to create such content.

metrics that determine your website success

If you are looking to drive traffic that is more organic to your website, new visitors are of importance to you.

Bounce rates

This is the percentage of your website visitors, who only view one page before leaving your site.  This could be caused by:

  • the site took too long to load
  • there was an error page
  • they did not immediately find the content they were looking for
  • they were not compelled to go further from the page they landed on

Therefore, when conducting a marketing campaign always leave a link that will lead them relevant to the page you want them on.

Average sessions duration

Sessions refer to the number of visitors to your website. The average session duration shows how long visitors spend on your website. This will help you know if they found your content valuable and worth viewing at length.

Page views

This shows the total number of pages viewed. This metrics will help you know the most visited pages. You will be able to know if the whole website is useful or specific pages, therefore, you can know how to bring more viewership to the other pages on your website.

metrics that determine your website success

Exit rate

When you are running a marketing campaign and your main goal is to drive people to your website through the ‘learn more’, the exit rate shows you where exactly the visitor left after landing on your website.

Conversion rate

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who complete your desired campaign objective. This could be sales, subscribing or downloading your app. This indicates how successful your campaign is depending on the numbers.

How to set SMART Social Media Goals

Having Smart social media goals simply means you know what you want to achieve with social media and not just jumping into any social media networks without thinking of what you want to achieve there.

There are different types of business goals that you can use for social media marketing, for example, you might want to drive more traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, generate leads and sales or run an awareness campaign. We will help you in setting smart social media goals so that you can succeed in social media marketing.

What makes a Goal SMART?

For you to actualize your goals they need to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-specific this make SMART goals.


Give a clear description of what you want to achieve. For example, you decide that your goal is to get more Instagram followers. Specific goals are more achievable than vague goals.


Create a target that will indicate your success. You can set that you want to get 10,000 Instagram followers.


Can you be able to achieve your goal? From the number of followers you currently have can you be able to get to 10,000 Instagram followers.

how to set SMART social media goals


Your goal should be aligned closely to your business objectives such as your vision and mission. Your goals must be achievable.


Set a time frame by which you should have achieved your goals. You can set that you should get 10,000 Instagram followers in three months.

After doing this now put the necessary time and effort needed to achieve the goal. As you progress be checking the progress to know if you are on the right track or not.

How to get social media success in Kenya

Set your social media goals

Working without goals is working blindly. Goals will help you know what needs to be done at a given time, how to plan and how to achieve them.  Your goals should be specific, measurable, appealing, realistic and timed (SMART) this will ensure you get social media success in Kenya.

Identify your audience

Your message can only be effective if it is designed to a specific customer. You can do this by creating a detailed customer avatar of your target audience by identifying their age, gender, average income, their place of residence and other facts that are important to your business.

how to get social media success in Kenya

The more you define your target audience, the more people you will be able to connect with hence the chances of making sales. In order to get social media success in Kenya, it is important that you define who you want to target your campaign.

Know what social media platforms suites you

Not every social media platform is best for your business. It will depend on where your target audience can be found. If you want to sell directly to the consumer, Facebook is the best platform to use. If you want to reach a younger audience, they can be found on Instagram and snap chat. When you want to target companies and businesses LinkedIn is your to go platform. Knowing this will help you save time and money and reach your desired audience.

Post relevant content and ensure consistency

Give people what they signed for. If your business sells products to make sure, they get the products and nothing less. Your content should be consistent on all your social media platforms. To ensure consistency, you can set a specific time on which you will be posting your content. You can also be scheduling your content for days you will not be available to post.

Engage your audience

how to get social media success in kenya

Ensure there is engagement in your social media platforms by responding to your customer’s questions, concerns and recommendations. If there are any risen issues on your products respond fast to prevent misrepresentation of your company. Add links to your website so that people can purchase or learn more about your business.

Measure your results

Measure your social media activities and see what is working, what is not and how to improve on it. This should be in line with the goals you had set.  If your social media goals were to create awareness, drive traffic or get engagement then get tools that will help you know what you have achieved.

How to find New and Potential Online Customers for your Business

Finding new and potential online customers for your business can sometimes be a hard task when you are a new business or an existing business and you want to attract new customers.

Register your business on Google my business

Put your website URL, contact information and directories for your business so that when people search for your kind of business they can find you and all your contact information online.

Come up with a customer acquisition plan

Know who your ideal customer for your product and services is. Learn their purchasing behavior and social media channels they use. With this information, you can construct a call to action advert that will capture their attention and use social media platforms that they use to advertise.  This will enable you to reach the customers that you desire.

Use special offers to attract customer

Most people in Kenya are always attracted to offers on products and services. Either you can give a discount to a first time customer for the price of the product or on the delivery fee. This will attract more people to purchase your product or service.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Optimize your website and your content so that when people search for anything related to your business you can rank high in the search result. This will help you to be discoverable to people searching for products and services related to yours.

Follow up after meetings. 

When you meet up with a prospect customer, always contact them back reminding them of the services that you offer and ask them if they are still interested. You can ask them to recommend your business to other people.

Use pay-per-click (PPC)

You can target your ads to reach people who are similar to your most likely prospects and are in the geographic region that you serve. For example young adults between the age of 18 and 26 who live in Nairobi.

Instagram marketing in Kenya

Instagram is growing fast with over 3M users in Kenya with youths being the majority users. It is fast catching up with Facebook which has the highest number of users in Kenya.

Knowing how to conduct Instagram marketing in Kenya is important for any business. Below are some of the important ways you can market your business on Instagram.

How to successfully conduct Instagram marketing

Identify your audience

You must always know the audience for your products and services.  This will include monitoring what your target audience is following and creating strategies that match them so as to capture their attention. Creates posts that can generate a conversation with your audience to get their opinion of your brand. You can also use social media tools that will tell you what your consumers are saying about your brand.

Clearly defined Bio

Your bio is about giving a clear picture of your business with one image and 150 characters describing the brand. It is not just your name, website URL and username that present your brand.

Let your bio be clear, brief and captivating to draw the audience attention. Use a call to action to make people click on your link. Choose a captivating image that will draw peoples attention to want to know more about your brand

Fixed Theme

Use a clearly defined theme on your profile that will give your page a consistent look so that when your audience see your images they know it is you. You can do this by using similar colours in your images or a specific subject matter. For example, Safaricom’s theme is green . whenever you see an image made by Safaricom you can never fail to know it is them. This branding will help you get more attention when you make a marketing campaign because people can easily identify you.

Achievable Goals

A good marketing strategy must always have defined goals which are achievable and can be monitored during a campaign. This will always help you to plan ahead and measure your success.


The best way to measure your goals is through analytics. There are a couple of analytic tools that you can use to see the progress of your campaign. Instagram has an inbuild analytic tool called Instagram insight, with this you can be able to see the engagement on your post,  the number of likes, comments and follower rates among others. With this, you can know how each post is performing and the changes you can make.

 Consistent Posting

Consistency is key for Instagram marketing. Ensure you be consistent with posting information on your page so as to keep your followers engaged. You can schedule newsfeed in advance so that you don’t miss any posting to ensure consistency. If you don’t have enough content to post, do not just post anything or you will be compromising your brand.

Use strong Hashtags

Hashtags make your posts searchable. For you to stay on top, you need to use a combination of branded hashtags and trending hashtags.  Always start with the trending hashtags in your industry this is because most people will be searching for that. This will help you attract more people to your page.

 Share posts that are related to the trending hashtags so as to attract more people. Most of the businesses promote their Instagram marketing in Kenya using the trending hashtags to attract more people on their Instagram page.

Online Reviews in Kenya

Business owners often dismiss the significance of online reviews. Responding to online reviews builds trust with your customers and it shows that you value their feedback.  It shows that your business is reliable and credible. Most of the consumers always rely on your online reviews to make their purchasing decision. Therefore, the way you respond to online reviews in Kenya matters.

 Responding to online reviews also plays a significant role in Google search engine because Google wants to recommend a credible business to people who are searching. You should reply to both the positive and negative reviews

If you receive a negative review, it is important to reply to the comment in a courteous manner and maintain professionalism.

How to respond to Positive online reviews

Thank the customer.

Show your gratitude to the person who took their time to write a review. If they asked a question or had some concerns respond to them also.  You can continue the conversation by asking the reviewer for the recommendation on either the service or the product. This will show that you value their feedback and they will feel appreciated.

online reviews in kenya

Don’t Delay to respond

Always aim to respond as soon as possible to online reviews. This will show your customers that you are available and you care about what they have to say.

Entice your reviewers to come back

You can tell your customer that you would like to hear from them again and ask them to bring their friends.

Check for grammatical errors

Check for grammatical errors

Before you hit the send button always re-read what you have written and ensure there are no grammatical, punctuation or spelling mistakes. Always ensure that the tone of your message is professional and the message is as brief as possible and to the point.

How to reply to Negative online reviews

Apologize and thank them for their feedback

Apologize even if the customer is incorrect and thank them for giving honest feedback. Being aggressive and bitter when replying to the comments will only harm your reputation. If you find that you are too upset, distance yourself from it and reply when you have calmed down.

 Respond appropriately

Remember that the online reviews are public hence be courteous and don’t argue with the customer.

Invite the conversation offline

Don’t argue with a customer on the review site, ask them for more details and provide them with customer care contact. Online reviews in Kenya are important for any organization. Always keep the conversation courteous and professional.


Developing a Digital Strategy for your business is key because without a digital strategy your business is directionless. A digital strategy defines the clear online goals of a business in terms of building relationships with their existing customers or new ones. It allows you to reach your target audience more effectively. This is the first step towards digital success.

There are several reasons why your business needs a digital strategy in Kenya.

1. Sense of direction

A digital strategy will help you create achievable strategic goals for your business. This will help you set goals that should be achieved and set measurements that will get you there. Structuring a vision will ensure everyone in the organization is on the same page and working towards achieving the same goals and objectives.

2. Deeper Understanding of Your Target Audience

With a digital strategy, it will force you to think who your target audience will be. Understanding who your target audience is will allow you to know how to structure your message for your audience and where they can be found online.  It allows you to know which social media platforms can be used to reach a certain group of people so that you don’t have to waste money and time testing different channels and means.

3. Budgeting and  Return On Investment (ROI)

With a clear understanding of the focus point of your online marketing goals, you can preset solutions in advance for the foreseen future problems and plan ahead. A digital strategy will help you to understand how your digital budget will be distributed per channel and the returns you will receive. This will help you plan your budget thus making it easier to plan and manage.  A good strategy will help you know what is working for you and what is not.

Digital Strategy in Kenya

4. Setting up Objectives and analytics

A digital strategy helps you to know your marketing strategy and the steps you need to take to achieve them. A digital strategy will help a company to keep in line with the objectives it set and with time they can analyse the progress and see if they are moving in the right direction or not. Digital marketing provides a company with a variety of analytics tools that enables them to check the progress of their marketing.

We provide Digital Strategy Services in Kenya at an Affordable price. CONTACT US TODAY FOR FREE CONSULTATION !!